Curve generator

NC large centering machine



  • Setup is easy to do with a big door
  • Use high rigidity material around clamp.
  • Sucking function keeps workpiece more stable
  • In addition to sucking mechanism alone, upper bell-clamp is available by option


Number of wheel axis/processing configuration 1-axis/vertical manual machine
Clamping method Workpiece spindle one-side suction system
NC equipment NC(Control axis 3-axis)
Supply of lens -
Storage of lens -
Supported workpiece diameter ϕ150 ~ ϕ500
Max. workpiece thickness 150mm
Infeed drive Servo motor
Supported grinding wheel diameter ϕ160 ~ ϕ210
Max. grinding wheel width 60mm
Wheel spindle rotation 1,000 ~ 3,000min-1
Bell spindle rotation speed 0.5 ~ 400min-1
Wheel spindle drive electric motor 0.75kW
Bell spindle drive electric motor 0.4kW
Control axis Minimum setting unit Z axis 0.001mm
X axis 0.001mm
C axis 0.1min-1
Process data memory 50surfaces(optionally, up to 300 surfaces can be supported)
Size Width(W) 1,325mm
Depth(D) 1,390mm
Height(H) 1,860mm
Weight 2,500kg


Option List