Kyoritsu seiki develops, manufactures, and markets tools,
presetters and optical machines as our 3 main products.

Established in 1950, the first business is making components for aircraft, vessel and automobile.
From 1958, since we inaugurated machine tool business,
now Kyoritsu seiki boasts the long experiences
and deep trust from customers over the past half century.

Beyond standard machine tools, we offer turning tool
and particular angular head on-demand
to manufacturers of Machine Tool
for automobile and construction industry.

Having developed the first presetter in Japan, we are regarded as a leading manufacturer with extensive lineup ranging
from bench-mountable simple type to newest non-contact
measurement model equipped with CCD imaging,

The optical machine business was started in 1970,
and expanded dramatically thanks to the rapid growth of digital camera market recently.
Today we are supplying to all the major camera manufacturer
and their factories around the world.

As the only manufacture in Japan
covering lens whole process
from grinding to centering.
We are committed
to providing up-to-date solutions to our customers
and have a strong brand.