Stir&defoam machine



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Perfect for low-volume production or research/development,
equipped with vacuum function

[HM-200WV] can stir&defoam 400ml material at one time
Rotation and revolution speed are separately controlled, enables finer stir&defoam


  • Vacuum functionMore powerful defoam assisted by the vacuum function, dramatically reduce processing time
  • Color touch panel operationSettings are done on a touch panel, very simple operation
  • 1 axis controlThe ratio of rotation/revolution speed is fixed, makes setting easy

Fine stir!

Stir & defoam material either liquid or powder just with this 1 amazing machine!


Capacity 200ml x 2
Type Bench mount
Additional function Vacuum defoam function
Time setting 1seconds ~ 99minutes59seconds
Controlled axis 1-axis
Revolution speed 200 ~ 2,000min-1
Rotation speed 50% of revolution
Dimensions Width625 x Depth575 x Height435mm
Weight 95kg
Usage environment 5 ~ 35˚C 35 ~ 85%RH(No condensation)
Power supply AC100 ~ 115V 50/60Hz Max.1.5kVA


Hi-Merger : Dimensionszoom
Hi-Merger : Dimensionszoom


  • Special cabinet
  • Various container
  • Container adaptor