Flat and Spherical Metal Grinder(with auto stocker)


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  • Use a cup-shaped ToolCombine our long experiences in Lens processing technology into metal grinding industry
  • Vertical type, Space saving
  • Auto measuring functionAutomatically re-correct thickness by offsetting abrasion of tool
  • Interactive NC system, User friendly
  • Better MaintainabilityOperate from front side, Easy setup
  • The auto-stocker is easily removable, provide an efficient way to set-up when changing production


Number of wheel axis/processing configuration 1-axis/vertical automatic machine
Processing surface 1 surface 1spindle
Control system NC
chucking technology Air chuck
Supported workpiece diameter ϕ8 ~ ϕ30
Supported workpiece curvature ±SR4 ~ ∞
Infeed axis workpiece head
Infeed drive Servo motor
Max. grinding wheel diameter ϕ60
Max. cutting capacity 30mm
Workpiece spindle rotation 15 ~ 1,500min-1
Wheel spindle rotation 1,000 ~ 15,000min-1
Workpiece spindle nose shape NT#35 (2face constrained) M22P1.5
Wheel spindle nose shape (standard)ϕ20×1/7.5taper M22P1.0
(sub-standard)ϕ15.5×1/7.5taper M12.5P1.0
Wheel spindle drive electric motor 0.5kW(Servo motor)
X travel -50 ~ 100mm(Servo motor)
Spindle circular angle 0 ~ 40˚(Servo motor)
Work head travel 110mm(Servo motor)
Workpiece spindle travel distance 50mm(Air cylinder)
Cross axis accuracy 0.0001mm/P
Circular axis accuracy 0.0001˚/P
Infeed axis accuracy 0.0001mm/P
Process data memory 30surfaces
Feeding/Storage 1stage 2pallets
Size Width(W) 680mm(1,480mm)
Depth(D) 1,360mm(1,360mm)
Height(H) 1,775mm(1,775mm)
Weight 900kg(1,400kg) *1
Power supply AC200V Three-phase 10kVA
Air supply 0.4 ~ 0.5MPa

In the dimension data, what noted in brackets means stocker’s size

Standard machine specs might not be able to process works with particular Diameter or Curvature


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