Tool presetter

Tool presetter


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Top model, Equipped with CCD camera


  • Ability of fully automatically measuring multiple toolsAutomatically measuring each place by registering it first
  • Equipped with top grade imaging systemTelecentric optic source provides high accuracy
  • Collision prevention system, safety measuringEquipped with special sensor preventing camera colliding against tool
  • Clamp system strong enough to tighten tool on-machine
  • Multi-angle viewThe second camera provides real view from bottom and peripheral of edge (*HP-6040V only)


Measure head travel technique Electrical control
Measuring range Z direction(X axis):50 ~ 600mm
X direction(Z axis):-ϕ50 ~ ϕ400mm
Minimum reading Z direction(X axis):0.001mm
X direction(Z axis):ϕ0.002mm
Air supply 0.4MPa(4kgf/cm2)
CCD pixels Approx 20K
Real viewing field About5.4 x 7.1mm
Attach and release Air
Power supply AC100V
Weight 350kg
Shank size BT50, BT45, BT40, BT35, BT30, S20T, HSKA100, HSKA63, HSKA50, HSKA40, HSKA32
HSKA32 is only for tools other than center-through type

Choose one shank from the size list above, if it's BT shank, please check the type of stud bolt.

Standard accessories
Standard bar Shank size: 1piece
Stud bolt is provided for BT shank only
Designate stud bolt type.
Wooden box For storage of standard bar
Cover 1pcs each for Spindle, Machine body, Screen


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