Tool presetter

Tool presetter


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Automatic measuring system(With cutting tool replacement unit)


  • 1. Articulated robot・The transport of tools to the presetter and removal of cutting tools,perform all transports in the system such as cleaning work.
    ・Combined hand can hold both the tool and the cutting tool.
  • 2. Cutting tool replacement unit ・The unit which can automatic replace the collet holder and the milling holder.
    ・The database information (nut position ,established torque)automatically moves the claw to the nut position and tightens the nut with the optimum torque.
  • 3. Presetter [HP-6040V]・Reading the tool ID (QR code) through the second camera.
    ・Fully automatic measurement of tool diameter ,tool length,runout,shape and cutting edge wear according to the registered measurement porgram.
  • 4. Touch panel monitor ・Displaying a various applications ,making it easy to create complex measurement porgrams.
    ・Fully automatic measurement shows the result of measurement and the judgment of OK or NG .
  • 5. Holder cleaning unit・With a rotation mechanism ,the collant and the dust attached to the holder`s tab are removed bofore installed into the presetter.
  • 6. Spindle cleaner・Regular removal of the dust attched to the spindle of the presetter.
  • 7. Scale・Measuring the total weight of the tool.
    ・It will be used to confirm the allowable weight and control the speed of the ATC.
  • 8. Storage box of the tool supply・A platform for preserving the used and new cutting tool.
    ・Multi-stage pallets can provide many cutting tools automatically.
  • 9. AGV(Unmanned transport vehicle)・Tool can be transported from the machine tool to the presetter automatically.
    ・Tools that complete the replacement of cuttting tool and measurement will be transported to the designated machine tool automatically.


Measure head travel technique Electrical control
Measuring range Z direction(X axis):50 ~ 600mm 
X direction(Z axis):-Φ50 ~ Φ400mm
Minimum reading Z direction(X axis):0.001mm
X direction(Z axis):Φ0.002mm
Air supply 0.4MPa(4kgf/cm2)
CCD pixels Approx 20K
Real viewing field 5×7mm
Attach and release Air
Power supply AC100V
Weight 400kg
Shank size BT50, BT40, BT30, 25T, S20T, HSKA125, HSKA100, HSKA63, HSKA50, HSKA40, HSKA32(HSK32 is only for tools other than center-through type)

Choose one shank from the size list above,if it is BT shank,please check the type of stud bolt.

Standard accessories
Standard bar(Wooden box) Shank size: 1piece If it is BT shank,please check the type of stud bolt. Stud bolt is prvoided for BT shank only. Please designate the stud bolt type.
Cover 1pcs each for Spindle, Machine body, Screen
Major options
Quick sleeve BT or HSK Corresponding to various size(please check the tool shank size)
Tool manager A system that transfer the necessary tool date to machining center directly during the processing. Detailed specifications need to be negotiated separately.
Tool management database Logging in,reading and calling out the tool information.


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